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About us

Welcome to Bingo Online, the number one bingo site in the UK. We are your friendly neighbourhood casino platform that you can access from anywhere and at any time whenever you’re looking for a banging time with your favourite gambling games.


Bingo Online was born out of the initiative of a handful of casino gambling enthusiasts. We enjoy playing bingo and slots and are quite good at it, thanks to years of experience. We’ve transformed this long-term passion into a business that offers other players what they want and how they want it. We’re fans of the game just like you, so we know and understand your needs.

What We Offer

We’re not like the hundreds of other online gambling contributors out there. We aim to be the largest bingo community for European markets, so we organise plenty of events both online and physical, game related and otherwise, to boost active engagement.

Our chat rooms are also impressive. Here, you can exchange opinions with other players in the community. We also provide our own professional reviews on game offerings to help you get a better idea and decide which options are best suited for you.

We are pretty inclusive, so we provide a good time whether you’re looking for a real-money experience or just in it for fun. Our BingoOnline.com leaderboard is open to free account holders. As you play, your score will be saved and you’ll be able to compete for the top player spot at Bingo Online

The Site Experience

Finding your way around the site is super easy, thanks to our modern and user-focused design. Our cute bingo ball mascot will welcome you to every page as you navigate. It’s hard not to grow fond of the quirky little fella.

For a more personal experience, the ‘New Game’ button on our site allows you to create your own bingo game. You can choose the number of tickets you would like to play and the speed at which the numbers are called. You can have other players join in your game or simply have a go against the computer.

The Team

The team at Bingo Online are expert gambling specialists with years of experience with bingo, slots and other casino games. Diverse and hands-on, these people help to deliver the fun and rewarding time available at the site. They’re the brains behind Bingo Online’s exciting promos, rewards and stellar support system.

Our analysts stay up to date with the latest game releases on the market, and we ensure that the collection is kept updated, so the best offerings are always available here. Our experts are also responsible for penning down the game guides, tips and strategies that we provide. As such, you’re getting only the most accurate information from experienced sources.