Bingo Tournaments

With so many sites offering online bingo and an ever-increasing number of people choosing to play bingo online the game has seen a number of developments – including new ways to play the game in addition to the traditional variations.

The introduction of online bingo tournaments has proved to be one of the most popular developments in the game. These tournaments provide the chance to win more prizes – whether cash prizes, bonuses or other prizes such as electronic equipment or holidays – just by playing bingo at certain online bingo sites. Online bingo tournaments usually take place over a particular specified time frame. Some tournaments are run during scheduled hours every night of the week, others run over a weekend and some may take place over a whole month.

Bingo Tournaments with Entrance Fees

One of the most common forms of online bingo tournaments is where a player pays an entrance fee, and then gains entry to a specific selection of bingo games at scheduled times. In these bingo games players will be awarded points for winning, and these points will be added to a leader board. At the end of the specified period of time, or number of games, the player with the most points on the leader board will win the top prize. Depending on the size of the tournament, a number of other players in the top positions on the leader board will also win prizes.

Bingo Tournaments by Awarding Points

Another popular form of bingo tournament is where a selection of bingo games will form part of a tournament. Rather than pay a tournament entry fee, players just need to enter as normal as many of the specified games as they can. The same principle applies as before, and players will be awarded points for winning in these games, which will be added up on to a leader board. Again, prizes will then be awarded depending on finishing positions on the leader board. The attraction of these particular bingo tournaments is that players are just playing bingo games as normal, so they still have the chance to win cash or prizes in those games – as well as the additional prizes on offer as part of the tournament.

Free Bingo Tournaments

Some online bingo sites will also offer free tournaments. The prizes in these are usually a lot smaller, but they cost nothing to enter. These free online bingo tournaments tend to be offered as part of an incentive to sign up to an online bingo site and are only available to new customers. However, free online bingo tournaments can also sometimes be offered as part of a reward to regular customers.

There are a huge number of online bingo tournaments going on at any one time. It is worth having a look at those offered at different online bingo sites to find the best ones.