Bingo Supplies

To play bingo online, all you need is a computer and an internet connection. Simply log in to your favourite online bingo site, choose your game and get playing. Playing live bingo, though, requires a little more equipment to ensure the smooth running of a game of a bingo.

In the vast majority of bingo halls this equipment is well modernised and, as a result, the game of bingo is generally a lot quicker than in the past. Pretty much everything is computerised, so the balls are drawn automatically and the bingo caller simply has to call out the relevant number.

In some bingo halls, particularly those that are part of a large chain, there is not even a bingo caller. The automated system recognises which bingo ball has been called and a pre-recorded voice calls out the number. With the explosion in popularity of online bingo, bingo halls have had to become increasingly competitive, which is one reason behind this automation.

However, a lot of players that frequent bingo halls are used to the old fashioned way – and indeed prefer it – and many bingo halls do still use the traditional methods. To an extent, this is part of the fun for some players. The sound of the bingo balls rattling around in their cage and the often humorous and entertaining element of the bingo caller as they call out the numbers all adds to the entertainment value.

The bingo players themselves will also require one important piece of equipment – something to mark their cards with. There are basically three options a bingo player has for card marking – the customary marker pen, an ink dauber or some form of bingo chip. Historically, a pen or pencil was all that was needed, or available for that matter, to cross off the numbers as they were called out. Then there was the introduction of ink daubers – a similar principle to a pen, but instead of a nib the user just needs to press the dauber onto a bingo game card and the spot is instantly marked. Bingo chips are also now widely used. Bingo chips are essentially a marker of some kind used to cover the number on the game card rather than cross mark it off.

Also as section on Bingo Humour reveals, perhaps a lucky bingo charm is also in order. This can be a coin, troll doll, photo of a pet, loved one or pretty much anything else you can think of to bring you luck.

Another need for various bingo supplies would be if someone was looking to run their own bingo tournament. This might be a charity event for example, or just a home game for a few friends. In this case, two sets of supplies would be required. Firstly, the organiser would require the equipment for the bingo caller to use. Most important would be a bingo machine of some description – perhaps a cage – that would store all the bingo balls and enable the bingo caller to randomly pick them out one at a time. Then of course there is the bingo ball themselves. The caller would also need a check board. This where the bingo caller would place the balls after calling out of the number, and is used to check winning tickets or game cards are valid. The players would require something to mark their cards with, as discussed above. And, of course, there would need to be the actual game cards, for the players to mark their numbers on.

Bingo is an incredibly simple game and, as you can see, just a small amount of equipment is required to organise a fun tournament of your own.

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