Bingo Rules

Bingo has long been an incredibly popular game and this is in no small way down to the fact that the rules are generally incredibly straightforward. The game is very easy to learn and just as easy to play. Because there is very little strategy involved, once a player has learned bingo rules there is not much more to consider than just enjoying playing the game. While I’ll discuss rules in this article, if you’ve never played online I suggest starting with our Beginner’s Guide to Bingo Sites.

Online Bingo Rules

Online bingo has led to many more people playing the game than ever before. As a result there are also many bingo variations available and with these different games come slightly differing rules and regulations. The rules of certain bingo games may also vary slightly between online bingo sites so it is usually advisable to check the rules at a particular site to make absolutely sure they are fully understood.

However, it is worth considering that most online bingo sites provide an “auto-mark” feature, which means a player doesn’t actually have to take any action to play the game. It is possible to just sit back and watch the action, keeping fingers crossed that the right numbers come out. This another great benefit of playing bingo online – as simple as the rules are, you don’t even have to understand them to be able to enjoy the excitement of a game. There is no possibility of missing a number or not calling out at the right time, as everything is done automatically.

The basics of the vast majority of bingo games are essentially the same. A player will purchase one or more game cards, or tickets, and on these cards will be a selection of numbers. The size and layout of the cards will differ, as will the amount of different numbers, depending on the exact game being played.

Live Bingo Game Rules

In a live bingo game, bingo supplies might be required. In this version a bingo caller will select bingo balls at random and call out the numbers displayed on these balls. A player then has to mark off the corresponding number if it appears on their game card. The first player to hit a certain target – this again depends on the game being played, for example the target may be all four corners marked, or one complete line marked – they must call out. Their card will be then checked and if everything is correct they will be awarded their prize. It differs slightly in online bingo as the bingo balls are chosen using a Random Number Generator (RNG) and displayed on the screen. As already discussed, if an auto-mark feature is being used, the player doesn’t have to take any action.

With some versions there will be at least two rounds for each game. The first round will be a specific target, such as the ones mentioned above and the second round will be for the “Full House”. A Full House is when a player marks off all the numbers on their game card. It is much better to get the Full House rather than just a line, as this will pay out the bigger prize. In some games, there will be more rounds, and different targets for the player to aim for.

UK & European Bingo Games

A common form of Bingo that will be familiar to UK and European players is 90 ball bingo. In this game, the game card comes in the form of a 3×9 grid and will contain 15 numbers (and 12 blank spaces) between 1 and 90. The game will consist of three rounds – 1 line, 2 lines and Full House. The first player to mark off one complete line wins the 1 line round. The first player to mark of two complete lines wins the 2 line round. When a player marks of all the numbers on their card, they win the Full House and the larger prize.

Bingo rules really are incredibly simple to learn which is why bingo is a game enjoyed by so many players.