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SkrillSkill is one of the most popular banking methods used in online gambling. In this article I’ll cover the basics and FAQ but considering most readers are familiar with them, I’ll start with recommended Skrill bingo sites. Those making the cross over from other forms of gambling such as betting and poker will be surprised to learn Skrill is not accepted at all bingo sites. This relates to the fact bingo is predominately a UK market and UK credit cards are most often not restricted for gambling. Where you’ll find this method accepted is at popular all-in-one gambling sites that offer betting, casino, poker and bingo. The three meeting these criteria that offer the most value for bingo are covered below. is our top rated bingo site for so many reasons. You can read about their remarkable history in our Bet365 Bingo review. For those less sentimental as me, a top reason to join Bet365 is they offer the best value bingo bonus in the industry. This is deposit £5 and get £25 free. That’s right for a tiny five quid deposit you’ll start off with £30 in bingo cash. What’s neat is while many bingo sites are sticky bonuses that can’t ever be cashed out, at Bet365 once you meet the rollover you can that the bonus with you. This is a pure cash bonus and the easiest £25 you’ll ever make.

William is another of our favourites due to their history. Their founder was born quite poor in 1903. He had a wild crazy journey that involved joining the black and tans, only to go on and become the first self-made millionaire bookmaker. This is now the UK’s largest bookmaker but their online division is also top notch for poker, casino and of course bingo. On our page on Bingo Networks you’ll discover the network William Hill operates on is the one we rank tops. Of course they also have what all bingo players are looking for, free quid. Their offer is spend £10 on bingo tickets in 7 days and they’ll credit your account with a £25 bonus., you guessed it, this is another site with an amazing history. I’ll save the fact they were founded in 1886 for a future article and get right to what you want to hear. First time bingo players are welcomed with a 300% initial deposit bonus. This means if you deposit ten quid they’ll give you an extra £30 free. Their bingo site offers a great selection of 90-ball, 80-ball, and 75-ball games and you can learn all about them in our Ladbrokes bingo review.

Having now covered three bingo sites accepting Skrill deposit, let me cover all the details of what Skrill is and the many FAQ, for those brand new to online gambling.
What is Skrill

What is Skrill?

Skrill, formerly known as MoneyBookers is an online eWallet like its competitors, PayPal and NETeller. Skrill can be used to store money online that can be used to make deposits and receive withdrawals to and from online bingo sites, as well as other online gambling websites and merchants. Skrill can also be used to send cash to and from friends and family.

How Do You Use Skrill?

The first step in using Skrill to fund an online bingo account is to simply visit and sign up for an account with the company. After that, you’ll be required to verify your account using 1 of three methods.

  1. Credit Card Verification
  2. Bank Account Verification
  3. Physical Address Verification

Each time you finish one of these verification methods, you increase your transfer limits. So Skrill users that do all three, add a bank account, input credit card details, and confirm receipt of a post card at their physical address will have the highest transfer limits.

Moneybookers Becomes Skrill

As we mentioned briefly above, Skrill used to be called Moneybookers. In September of 2011 the company began an image overhaul, which changed not only the way they do business, it changed their name as well. The fun new name, Skrill was chosen partly because of its definition among young people. The slang/urban definition of Skrill or Skirlla, among the hip-hop generation is cash.

Shop online using Skrill

Skrill can be used to make deposits at online bingo sites, online casinos, sports-betting sites, poker rooms and at other online merchants. So if you’ve just hit a major progressive bingo prize, and don’t care to wait for your money to hit your Skrill account, so that you can move it to your bank account, so that you can shop, you can simply use Skrill to shop online.

Receiving Skrill Payouts

Once you’re done playing at your favorite bingo site, or are simply ready to make a withdrawal after hitting bingo, you can have that money sent directly to your Skrill account. Simply choose Skrill as your cash-out method from the bingo sites cashier screen.

Is my Money Safe in My Skrill Account?

Skrill is a publically traded company listed on the London Stock Exchange. In addition the company is regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom. To top all of that off, the company uses the latest technology and software to fight off future threats to Internet financial security.

Skrill V.S. PayPal and NETeller

All three of these eWallet’s charge fee’s, it’s how they make their money, why they stay in business, and why they’re here as viable deposit options for online bingo players. However, as online bingo players, we want to be maximizing our profits, or at the very least minimizing our losses.

Some of the ways we can do that include playing at bingo sites that payout higher %’s of the money they take in; maximizing bingo deposit bonuses and using deposit and withdrawal methods with the lowest fee’s and highest rewards for bingo transactions.

Fee’s for Withdrawing from Bingo Sites

Once you’ve made a withdrawal from your account on a bingo site such as Virgin Bingo, and chosen an eWallet as your withdrawal method, the bingo site sends the money to your account at that site, be it NETeller, Skrill, or PayPal. After that, if you want to actually be able to touch your cash, you’ll have to withdraw it from that account using one of the methods offered by the eWallet.

On average, a NETeller customer pays 7.5 EUR to process withdrawals from their NETeller accounts, there are a few ways the customer can do that, via bank wires, bank transfers, and even using a MasterCard debit card issued NETeller.

Skrill on the other hand charges €1.80 for withdrawing cash. Which isn’t half bad, however, PayPal beats both Skrill and NETeller by offering free withdrawals.

The Cost of Currency Conversion Using Skrill

The good news is that more and more online bingo sites are available in several languages, and allow the use of a multitude of currencies. For those of us that still need to convert currency before sending it to an online bingo site, or after receiving it from an online bingo site, there’s a fee for that.

Skrill is the best option for currency conversion!

Online bingo players using Skrill’s largest competitors NETeller and PayPal to convert currency will be paying more than they would if they were using Skrill. In fact, PayPal users are paying through the nose on some transactions, with the cost of conversion and border fee’s ranging from 2.9 to as high as 8.9%.

NETeller users are getting a bit of a break at 2.5%, and Skrill users are paying just 1.99%.

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