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Real Money Bingo Getting started playing real money bingo online is a rather intuitive process. We currently do not recommend any sites for US players. For now, you will have to try out our free bingo game: Banking Options For Rest of The World If you're ready to make the jump from free bingo sites to real money play, understand - playing real money bingo online is much easier than most would suspect. If you live in the UK deposits and withdrawals are easy. Almost every real money bingo site accepts credit card deposits and offers payouts via instant bank transfer or paper cheque.

Understand debit cards with a MasterCard or VISA logo are also accepted. If you don’t have any form of credit card, or live elsewhere in the world where gambling transactions are blocked, no worries. There are eleven additional options for making deposits, and with the reputable sites linked by Bingo Online – cashing out is always a cinch. I’ll cover these methods in this article on playing bingo online for real money.

Bingo E-Wallets

E-wallets are essentially online bank accounts. With most you can load the e-wallet using your credit card or your bank account. For the latter this is usually done via EFT online, but can also be done in person at your bank as a wire transfer. With the funds in your account, you can then deposit some or all of those funds to a bingo site that accepts that particular e-wallet.

You can also use the e-wallet as a method of receiving your winnings. This makes it very easy to send money to and from multiple bingo sites. Taking money out of your e-wallet can be done via electronic cheque withdrawal to your standard home bank account, or with some e-wallets ATM cards with MasterCard or VISA logo are issued. With these you can spend the money like a credit card or withdrawal your e-wallet balance at an ATM.

The benefits to using e-wallets are many. One benefit is perhaps you’re not comfortable giving a bingo site hosted offshore your credit card. Well, depositing with an e-wallet gives you added security and many e-wallets such as Skill and Neteller are UK based and licensed by the Financial Service Authority (FSA). This could very well be an added benefit. Also credit cards issued from some countries are blocked and this is a great intermediary to act as a workaround. Additionally, some people just simply don’t have a credit card, and this is a way to deposit using a bank account.

A final reason that makes e-wallets so popular is masking the nature of transactions or limiting the number of transactions that appear on a bank statement. Consider this, let’s say you deposit and withdrawal from bingo sites often but also need to provide a bank statement for say a mortgage application or something else. How might it look having dozens or more transactions that are the names of known gambling sites on your ledger as opposed to one larger deposit that says PayPal which is used for many purposes. This is most certainly a strong benefit, so with all this said; let me now cover the eight most popular e-wallets.

PayPal for Depositing to Online Bingo Sites

PayPalThis bingo banking method is one of the world’s most well-known e-wallets. PayPal is used around the world in dozens of languages and currencies to pay for everything imaginable. You can use PayPal to send money between friends and family, you can make purchases at major retailers, and you can make deposits at real money online bingo sites like

To set up your PayPal account you will need to confirm your identity generally both by telephone and then via a bank account or credit card. Once your account is set up, you can send money to and from your bank account, the process usually takes a couple of days. However, in some countries, you can apply for a PayPal debit MasterCard which you can use to make withdrawals at any ATM. You can register an account at or to learn more see our article on PayPal Bingo Sites.

NETeller as a Bingo Deposit Method

NetellerNETeller is also an online ewallet, in that you can deposit funds from your bank account, and then use your NETeller account to transfer those funds to your real money bingo account at sites such as Wink Bingo and 888Ladies. You can also use NETeller in the reverse, sending your profits from the bingo room to your NETeller account. You can cash your bingo monies out of your NETeller account by sending them to your land-based bank account, or you can request a NETeller card and use any ATM to withdraw the funds. Our article on NETELLER Bingo sites covers all the fees and how they compare against PayPal.

Skrill as a Bingo Deposit Method

SkrillJust like its competitors above, Skrill is a popular ewallet, meaning you can carry a balance within your Skrill account. You can use your regular bank account to fund your Skrill account, and vice versa. Bingo players can use their Skrill accounts to fund their accounts at online bingo sites such as Mecca Bingo and Bet365 as well as to purchase credits at other gambling websites and online merchants across the web. There are some differences in fees when it comes to Skrill, PayPal and NETeller, so do be sure to read the reviews starting with Skill Bingo Sites.

InstaDebit for Bingo Deposits

InstadebitLike Skrill, PayPal, and NETeller, InstaDebit is an online eWallet. You can store your balance in your InstaDebit account, and use your bank account, or credit card to fund your InstaDebit account. InstaDebit is available in United States Dollars, British Pounds and in Euro’s. Once you’ve chosen a currency, you cannot change it. Our article InstaDebit Bingo suggests as a top choice.

InstaDebit for Bingo Deposits

ECOCardECOCard is an online e-wallet licensed in the UK as an e-money provider and is regulated by the Financial Service Authority (FSA). This is a highly legit competitor to the four larger e-wallets mentioned above. They offer free debit cards which makes it possible to cash out your bingo winnings via any ATM with a MasterCard logo. You can fund an ECOCard account for the purpose of bingo deposits using credit card, or bankwire – and in some countries can use EFT and uPay cash transfers. Unfortunately the only recommended bingo site accepting this method is but we do mention others on our page on ECOCard bingo sites.

EntroPay as an Ewallet

EntroPayThe sixth ewallet on our list is EntroPay. This method has less purpose to UK residents than others as the load fee is a high 4.95%. This is however a great e-wallet for players living where credit cards are blocked. For example, many bingo players from India prefer this method as it works with all Indian debit cards. Understand EntroPay works different than most e-wallets. For starters the only way to load your account is with credit or debit card. From here deposited funds are associated with your account’s virtual VISA card. You then use these online VISA card details to deposit at any bingo site by selecting credit card as the method. Some bingo sites such as Ladbrokes Bingo and Bet365 Bingo also offer withdrawals back to EntroPay accounts and for this reason EntroPay can function as an e-wallet. To learn more read our article on EntroPay gambling sites.

Click2Pay online eWallet

Click2PayBingo players can use Click2Pay as an online eWallet and store funds within their accounts the same as they can with any other online eWallet, or they can use the service as a bridge between their bank accounts and their online bingo accounts, or any other site that accepts the payment option. This gives customers that added layer of security and privacy when it comes to making online bingo deposits. Our article Click2Pay Bingo Sites suggests as a great bingo site accepting Click2Pay deposits and issuing Click2Pay payouts.

ClickandBuy eWallet for Bingo Deposits

ClickandBuyAnother online eWallet ClickandBuy works much like the above sites wherein it stores monies, and works as a bridge between online bingo sites and customers bank accounts. It should be noted however that most ways of funding your clickandbuy account are free; however, if you use your credit card to fund your clickandbuy account, there is a fee involved. As our article on ClickandBuy Bingo Sites reveals this is a less popular method, but is accepted at the UK gambling giant Ladbrokes Bingo.

Deposit at Bingo Sites Using Cash

Old school gamblers, who prefer dealing in cash, as well as anyone without a credit card, debit card or bank account, can use cash to deposit at real money bingo sites. This requires using one the three methods covered below.


PaySafeCardThere are thousands of retailers in the UK, and other places of the world, that sell PaySafeCard vouchers. You can find them via this locator. Once you have the voucher you can use it to deposit at or any other real money bingo site operating on the Joy of Bingo network. To learn more about this method refer to our article on PaySafeCard bingo sites.


UkashThe simplest way to describe Ukash as an online bingo deposit method is to call it a voucher. Basically, you go online (here’s the link) and find the nearest uKash merchant. You then travel to that location, and you purchase the voucher, or card. The majority of bingo networks accept UKash vouchers. For a list refer to our article on Ukash Bingo.

Western Union

Western UnionA final way I’ll mention to use cash to deposit at real money bingo sites is Western Union. Whilst not a common banking method for bingo, it is accepted at Ladbrokes Bingo. For full details on using this method refer to our Western Union article.

Please Gamble Responsibly

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