Progressive Bingo

We do not at this time recommend any US bingo sites. A few other progressive bingo games are covered in our article on bingo jackpots.

Progressive Bingo Explained

Progressive bingo is not a new idea – it has existed in live bingo halls across the world for many years. The basic principle is that a percentage of the proceeds from purchased bingo tickets would be allocated to a jackpot, and that jackpot would increase over time as more tickets were purchased. Unlike a normal bingo prize, this jackpot would not necessarily be won in every bingo game – certain criteria would have to be met.

Usually, the jackpot would be won in one of two ways, depending on how the progressive game was organised. Often, the progressive jackpot would from part of the normal set of bingo games – and if a player achieved a full house within a specific number of balls then they would win the jackpot. If no-one won quickly enough the game would still continue and pay out the normal prizes, but the jackpot would roll over until the next time. Alternatively, the jackpot game would be a separate game at the end of the session, and only a set number of numbers would be called. If no player got the full house during the game, again the jackpot would roll over. Each time the jackpot went unclaimed it would increase in size for the next game – hence being referred to as a progressive jackpot.

Many bingo halls such as Mecca Bingo and Gala Bingo are part of large chains and some of these chains have hundreds of venues. A lot of progressive jackpots are played across the whole chain, meaning the jackpots can get very large indeed. One of the biggest progressive jackpots recorded in live bingo was won in 2008 in the UK – at nearly £1.2 million. By coincidence, this was just a couple of months after a Welsh woman had just won a little over £1 million – believed at the time to be the biggest ever.

Progressive jackpots have become a big attraction to those playing online bingo, and there is a lot of competition among the various bingo websites to offer these kinds of jackpots. For this reason, at any time there is literally millions of pounds worth of jackpots to be played for online. Because of the sheer number of different online bingo sites and the amount of jackpots available it is unclear what the largest win is. However, there have been several reported running into the hundreds of thousands. Every single day, jackpots of thousands of pounds are given away online.

Online bingo is a fun, entertaining and offers a great chance to win a bit of money. By playing where there are big progressive jackpots it is possible to win sums of money that are literally life changing. As online bingo continues to grow in popularity with more and more players taking part, the size of these jackpots should continue to grow even further.

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