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March 1st, 2012 by kdollar

Are you looking for somewhere to enjoy some fun online bingo action? On Valentine’s Day, the Bingo Street site is presenting a promotion with ₤700 waiting to be won. This jackpot amount represents winnings for seven games.

The seven games in the ₤700 Hour of Amore promotion are all 75 ball bingo games. This is one hour of cheap bingo with cool prizes!

The first game of this promo sets off at 9pm and tickets are a mere 1p each. Players need to bingo on the letter R and the prize amount at this game is ₤50. The second game is scheduled for 9:10pm and players are required to bingo on the letter O. The card price for this game is also just 1p and there is also a ₤50 prize. At 9:20pm, a bingo on the letter M is needed to win a prize of ₤75. 9:30 brings another ₤75 game with tickets priced at 2p each and a bingo on letter A. Players need to bingo on N at the 9:40pm game at which tickets cost 2p and there is a prize of ₤100. At the 9:50pm game, C is the letter and ₤150 the prize! In the final game at 10pm, ₤200 awaits the player that bingos on the letter E. For anyone who did not notice, the letters for the bingo win spell out the word ROMANCE! Well, it is Valentine’s Day, after all!

Tickets for the first game may be purchased in advance. Cards for the rest of the games in the hour may only be bought in the time space between each of the games for the next game.

Check out the ₤700 Hour of Amore promotion at Bingo Street!

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