Fantastic ₤5000 Jackpot Prizes at William Hill bingo

March 15th, 2012 by kdollar

William Hill Bingo has introduced a great promotion with cool prizes up for grabs. This promo is rolling from 24th February until the end of March 2012 and on each promotional day there is an amazing jackpot of ₤5,000 waiting to be won!

If you want to join in the action and have a chance of winning a great prize then check out what is going on at the William Hill Bingo site! The games with the ₤5,000 jackpot prizes are taking place in the site’s Community Room. The way in which this jackpot works is that ₤2,500 goes to the winner of the bingo game and a share of the remaining ₤2,500 will be awarded to all members of the community that possess a ticket to the winning game!

The action starts at 9am each morning of the promotional period when the jackpot ball call will be 38 numbers. If the jackpot prize has not been won by the time that 5pm comes around then the ball call will be raised by two numbers each hour until someone reaches the jackpot!

This is just one of the exciting things that are happening at the moment at William Hill Bingo. This online bingo site hosts plenty of action and promotions for the entertainment of its customers. As another example, an exciting event awaits players in the 75 ball Diamond Room on Friday 2nd March. This day presents a guaranteed ₤10,000 in cash prizes for lucky winners! The fun includes BOGOF games, ₤100 Party Games and an attractive 75 ball Bingo Linx games, among others.

Take a look at the William Hill Bingo site for some great amusing action and the chance to play for appealing prizes!

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