Most Generous Bingo Site

We have reviewed many quality bingo sites, but which one is the most generous bingo site? When examining the universe of bingo operators to determine which is the most generous, we are only looking at those bingo sites that are reputable and properly licenced. It would be foolish to look into and/or list bingo sites that are operating as rogue bingo sites that may or may not deliver payment. Thus, we will keep our focus on those bingo sites that we know, trust, are licenced from a reputable governing body. The bingo sites we have reviewed are all of that quality, as they are all licenced, regulated, and have good track records.Free bingo at is hands down the most generous bingo site. Why? Because it's ours. Although we do offer free bingo games with multiple cards, chat and more! Most Generous for UK Players In the UK there are many reputable online bingo sites. The other factors worth looking at include reload bonuses, loyalty programs, and big games that have large prizes that amount to more than the buy-ins to the game (overlays). And with that we present our winning choice:

Wink Bingo (No US Players) is the Most Generous

Wink Bingo has a fantastic assortment of perks and gives players plenty of “Winktastic” reasons to play at their bingo site. Thus, Wink Bingo tops our list as the most generous bingo site and here are 10 reasons why:

1. Wink Bingo offers a 200% to £200 first time deposit bonus to new players (deposit £100 and get a £200 bonus).

2. Wink Bingo puts an additional £1000 up for grabs via the special wheel bonus for all players who deposit every time they deposit.

3. Wink Bingo gives a 50% to £50 reload bonus to players making deposits past their initial deposit (reload £100 to get a £50 bonus)

4. At Wink, all players of real money bingo are enrolled in the 10% cashback for life program, where bingo players receive 10% of their losses during the week credited back into their bingo player accounts.

5. As part of the Joy of Bingo Network, Wink Bingo players can take part in the special quarterly £25,000 JoyPot bingo games. The JoyPot games guarantee a £25K jackpot and run quarterly on all joy of bingo sites.

6. Wink Bingo hold regular contests awarding cash prizes to players who play the most and bingo the most with selected bingo patterns during the week every week.

7. Weekends are full of special prizes that are tied to winning bingo patterns and amount of play. The prizes vary from extra cash to additional frequent player points.

8. Wink also functions as one of the best free bingo sites. They offer 6 hours worth of free games that have cash prizes each and every day.

9. Wink Bingo awards players £1 for every 1000 FPP accumulated.

10. Wink Bingo hands out prizes like laptops, mobile phones, and Xbox 360 connects in their Sunday Wink Bingo booty call games each week. These are in addition to their seeded games of progressive bingo and guaranteed bingo jackpots.

Whilst we believe Wink Bingo is the most generous bingo site of all, the decision to name them such was not easy. All of the bingo sites we cover are quite generous. Wink Bingo’s spin the wheel bonus that awards an additional bonus of £15 to £1000 extra tipped the scale in their favour. No other bingo site offers the potential to receive such a massive bonus. Combine the wheel bonus with the nine additional reasons, and it is easy to see why we find Wink Bingo to be the most generous bingo site of all.

Coming in at a close second is Posh Posh Bingo is well known for giving away nice prizes such as trips and game systems. They provide attractive deposit bonus credits and reload bonuses, as well as feature a loyalty program comparable to that of Wink Bingo. Additionally, Posh Bingo participates in the big £25K Joy of Bingo JoyPot game and they provide more than £200 in real prize, free bingo games each day. Wink Bingo edges Posh Bingo out in that Wink Bingo gives their players the chance at winning £1K more in bonus credits via their “spin the wheel bonus” making Wink Bingo the most generous of all reputable, licenced bingo sites.

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