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This article is written for a UK audience. If you live in the United States the best site for bingo jackpots is our free bingo game. Now I don’t think we need to explain to you what a bingo jackpot is, but just in case you’ve never heard of a jackpot before, or are playing bingo for the first time, let’s take a second and discuss them. There are a couple different types of online bingo jackpots, starting with set jackpots.

Preset Bingo Jackpots

These are usually paid out to players that achieve a special bingo pattern, or complete a blackout or coverall (Full House), that means they daub every single number on their card.

This jackpot is pre-specified, so the player knows how much they’re going to win before the game begins. For instance, every Friday night at 888Ladies a £50,000 is on offer. To win it, the ladies at the bingo site must hit their bingo on one of the first 41 numbers called. On the 42nd number, the jackpot will be decreased incrementally, until it finally reaches its lowest point, £2500.

The price of a bingo card during this game is £1. Imagine winning £50,000 or even £2500 for, £1. There is a catch though, and that’s what we’re here for, to make sure you always understand the strings that come attached. In this case, there’s a minimum purchase of £5. So you have to buy 5 cards to be eligible to play. That’s not too bad in all honestly, most land based bingo sites make you buy at least £6 in packets to be eligible to play bingo at all.

Progressive Bingo

Progressive bingo is game involving a jackpot that begins at a preset amount, and then grows as players buy cards. For instance, Costa Bingo offers a progressive jackpot for their 90 ball game and their 75 ball bingo game. Let’s start out looking at the 90 ball progressive jackpot. This jackpot runs in all of the 90 ball bingo rooms at Costabingo which isn’t the case at every online bingo site.

To win it, players simply have to finish a blackout in 40 numbers or less. The jackpot grows and grows until someone wins it.

Some bingo sites offer different progressives for each room, offering one jackpot to the £1 players, and another to the .25 players, and so on.

888Ladies Online Bingo Jackpots

There are jackpots on offer every single day at that ultimately culminate on the weekends.

On most days, the action starts at 9pm with a £1,000 Coverall jackpot. Then at 10pm there’s usually a much bigger, of not two coverall jackpots running consecutively, including their weekend jackpots that range from £10,000.00-50,000.00.

888Ladies Progressive Jackpots

In addition to these daily jackpots available at 888 Ladies there are two progressive jackpot events on offer all day every day. One event is run in the 75 ball rooms and the other is on up for grabs in the 90 ball bingo rooms.

75-ball Progressive Jackpot

The 75 ball progressive jackpot is kicked off with £500 that is thrown in by 888Ladies. After that it grows just a bit every time anyone buys a bingo card. The jackpot is won when a player makes the champagne glass pattern in 35 squares or less. It takes a total of 13 squares to make a champagne glass pattern.

Players can take a shot at the 75 ball progressive jackpot at 888 in the Studio 75 bingo room at 7:15pm, 8:15pm, 9:15pm, 10:15pm and 11:15pm every night.

90-ball Progressive Jackpot Games

Nothing less than a coverall (Full House) will win you the 90-ball progressive jackpot at 888Ladies. In fact, nothing less than a coverall made in 38 numbers or less wins the prize. The jackpot is kicked off with £300 in cash from 888Ladies and grows until it’s won.

Players playing any coverall games in the following bingo rooms at 888Bingo qualify to win the 90ball progressive jackpot:

  • Champagne Time
  • Chattering Crumpets
  • Engaged Ladies
  • Nutty Ninety

Anytime a coverall game is played, players are eligible to win the progressive.

Costa Bingo Jackpots

Costa BingoAccording to their own website pays out more than £500,000 in real money bingo prizes to player each and every month.

Costa features nightly guaranteed jackpots for bingo players at the site including a £10,000 jackpot on offer each Friday night for free. Every player in the room receives one card for free. 1’s all it takes to win, but for those who want to make sure they’ve got the RIGHT one, you can buy up to a total of 96.

Every night, with the exception of Friday Costa Bingo features a £2,500 bingo jackpot. With the exception of the Monday night event which is held in the 75ball bingo room, all of these jackpot games are played in 90 ball bingo rooms.

Wink Bingo Jackpots

Wink not only offers a mini-jackpot win of £30 in free bingo cards to every new player to the site, they also offer several fun jackpots throughout the week. In fact, the site has pre-buy bingo rooms where players can play for big money in addition to smaller scheduled events.

75 Ball Bingo Guaranteed Jackpots at Wink Bingo

On the 5th of each month, at 10 p.m., Wink Bingo hosts a guaranteed jackpot bingo game where players can buy a card for just 25p. There’s a minimum purchase of 5 cards required, and the usual limit of 24 cards is also in effect.

On the 10th day of every month Wink Bingo features a 10k bingo game. Cards go for £1 or 10,000 club points and players can buy as many as 24 cards each. Players can buy their cards right before the event begins, or they can pre-purchase them so that they don’t forget.

On the 20th of the month, a jackpot game is played. Wink guarantees a pay-out of at least £3k however; the game can pay as much as 5 million. The game’s played at 10 p.m. Each player must buy between 5 and 24 bingo cards.

Every Friday, Wink offers a jackpot that’s guaranteed to go at a minimum of £1,000. It also has the potential to go at £1 Million. The game is played every Friday at 8:30 p.m. Cards are sold for £1 with a 5 card minimum least 5 cards and a 24 card maximum.

Beware of Bonuses when Playing for Jackpots

There is something every bingo player should be aware of, a catch. Some bingo sites have a predatory rule that nullifies jackpot wins when the player is playing with free money. In some cases, that just means players that say got a no-deposit-bonus and haven’t deposited any of their own cash yet, in other cases, it means any player playing on bonus money. Be sure you understand the terms at each bingo site, even if you have to email them for clarification when you’re playing with bonus money. I can’t imagine anything worse happening at a bingo hall then winning ‘the-big-one’ and then not getting paid. Thankfully such predatory terms do not exist at the internet bingo rooms we at recommend.

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