Top 5 Bingo Videos

July 19th, 2012 by Jim Griffin

Bingo is one of the most popular games on the planet. There are bingo clubs all over the UK. Some of the top bingo sites payout multiple jackpots per second. It’s even played in third world countries for money that amounts to pennies. Despite being so popular, there’s a huge shortage of bingo humour. If you spot a funny bingo video, or a joke worth sharing, please contact us so we can share. Having scoured the web, here’s our first edition of the top 5 bingo videos:

#5 From Love to Bingo in 837 Images

This is a well-produced video worth sharing, though not exactly for humour. This video does however cover one of bingo’s popular stereotypes “it’s an old folks game”.

#4 Friend’s Mom Playing Bingo

An American Mom enjoying her live bingo, whilst a cruel friend of her teenage daughter records it for our viewing pleasure. Better camera, sound quality and a bit shorter this could have been a YouTube classic.

#3 Indian Bingo Caller

Indian Bingo Caller is a video that for sure could have been longer. Still a hilarious 17-second clip from the always funny comedian Omid Djalili:

#2 Family Guy Bingo

Albert Einstein is often quoted as saying the only way to win at roulette is to steal chips off the table when the dealer isn’t looking. Not a bad idea for beating bingo either:

#1 Everyone Wants to be an 888 Lady

One of the original commercials for 888Ladies, is still one of the funniest online. Bingo Online has long attempted to break the female bingo biased. Even though bingo is a largely a female market, how silly is it that every operator thinks its players are 8-year old girls that are fans of My Little Pony and Rainbow Brite? Kudos to! for poking fun at their own stereotypical bingo site.

If you spot funny Bingo humour worth sharing please contact us.

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