Indian Bingo Chips

July 19th, 2012 by Jim Griffin

If you’re from India and looking to play bingo online, you can seriously do so in Indian Rupee (INR) at You can also bet cricket here in INR as well. This article is however not so much about playing bingo online from India but laughing at a new meaning for the term “bingo chips”.

You see, while Indians caught on to many great games such as rummy, horse racing and cricket, Bingo is one that hasn’t caught on nearly as well. Now this doesn’t mean bingo isn’t popular in India. In fact some of the best humour in their country comes from a bingo brand, though this one a food product. I now present the 5 best videos on Indian Bingo Chips.

#5 Stop Drinking Ketchup

This might sound gross to most westerners, but Ketchup flavoured chips are quite popular around Asia. In South East Asia you’ll even find a brand from Lays called Italian Spaghetti flavor, but in India it’s just plain ketchup bingo chips:

#4 How Indian Bingo Chips are Tested

The company that manufactures Bingo chips in India is ITC Limited. This commercial shows they take their product testing quite serious.

#3 Bingo Chips Divert a Robbery

Can’t eat someone’s chips and then do them wrong?

#2 Throw it Away and Open the Bingo Chips

This ad speaks for itself and once again is about Ketchup flavoured bingo chips:

#1 The History of Bingo Chips in India

Taking you back to beginning this longer video shows how this brand became popular in India.

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