How to Spot a Live Bingo Player

July 19th, 2012 by Kim Walters

Bingo players come from all walks of like and they can be any age, race, gender, or religion. Bingo players can be mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, or anyone else. Generally, it can be difficult to look at a person and tell what their favorite pastime is. Most people don’t walk around with a sign on their back that tells others how they like to spend their free time. However, when comparing live bingo vs online bingo, the former is one of those games that a lot of players really get into and these players can be very obvious about their bingo addiction, making it easy for just about anyone to spot them.

Bingo CharmsThe first thing to know about a bingo player is they tend to be very superstitious. They will be very into luck and lucky items. A real bingo player will have a certain item which they are sure will help them win. It doesn’t matter that they have lost every bingo game except one or two with that lucky item near their bingo cards, it is still lucky. One would think that a lucky item should be something which has proven to increase a persons chances of winning, but this is not so with bingo. If you see a person holding a figurine of a garden gnome in one hand and a rabbit’s foot in the other, then you may have stumbled upon a real life bingo player.

Bingo PlayerAnother thing to know about bingo players is they like to be very comfortable when they are playing bingo. You won’t see them running around in classy dresses and high heels. It would be way too uncomfortable to really get into the game wearing an outfit like this. Instead, a bingo player will be wearing sweats or mom jeans. They will also be in a T-shirt. Many of the bingo players don’t want their hair to get in the way of them keeping track of their bingo cards, so they generally have their hair pulled back in a pony tail, or they put it under a bandana or hair net. If you see someone dressed in this manner and carrying what can be described as a lucky item, then you may have stumbled upon a real life bingo player.

Bingo players tend to be very used to tuning out all of the noise around them. They have taught themselves to only hear the caller. This means they are good at ignoring all of the noise around them except for what it is they want to hear. So, if you see a person carrying an odd little item and dressed in a manner which has been described above, then try yelling out something to them. If they don’t hear you at all, no matter how loud you shout, you may be on to something. One way for you to really test them and see whether they are a real life bingo player, or just ignoring you is to yell out “B-3!!!.” If they suddenly turn around with big eyes and standing alert, then you may have stumbled upon a real life bingo player.

Ink Stain Bingo HandAnother thing to know about a bingo player is they will usually wear some of their bingo supplies on them. Meaning, you can always tell a true bingo player by paying attention to their hands. If you happen to see that a person has ink markings and smears on their hands, then this is a tell tale sign. Bingo players mark their cards with daubers. These are like markers, but they are shaped in a round shape and will daub the squares on the bingo cards as the combinations are called out by the caller. As the bingo player madly goes from square to square marking their numbers in a frantic as they are called, they will lay their hand across the fresh ink and end up wearing the evidence for the remainder of the day. So, if you run into someone that is carrying a lucky charm with them, dresses comfortably with their hair out of their face, has selective hearing, and has ink stains on their hands, then you may have stumbled upon a real life bingo player.

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