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19th July 2012 by Kim Walters

Angry Birds BingoOne look at some of the online bingo sites is generally enough to speak volumes about the industry. A lot of the online bingo sites are decorated with bright and bold colors, funky banners, and quirky sayings. The one thing that makes the online bingo industry such an amusing one is the themes of the sites. These sites can even do a good job of making players laugh before they even log in. Some of the themes are absolutely ridiculous and the funniest part of all is that most players don’t mind at all.

Although it is not really known what it is that has led to the online bingo themes becoming so silly, it has seemed to have worked well for the online bingo industry. This is a bit odd since many of the online bingo players are people that don’t seem like the giggles and childish jokes type of people. Perhaps online bingo provides them with a way to sneak out that little child who is hidden inside of them and afraid to come out any other way. No one else even needs to know that the players are playing on such a silly site. If anything, a player that plays on one of the craziest themed bingo sites will be able to blame it on the kids and everyone will believe it.

Real Men Play BingoOne thing that seems strange is a lot of the online bingo sites are decorated in a bright pink. This is odd considering how many men are now playing online bingo. While many men do go onto these bingo sites because of everything they have to offer, not too many of them are able to take advantage of the referral bonuses. Can you imagine a football player that likes to play online bingo in his spare time referring his friends to an online bingo site which is pink and decorated with smiley faces and hearts? Even if he did tell all of his team mates about the site, it’s a good bet that not too many of them would join.

Another thing that is amusing about the online bingo sites is a lot of them are revolved around shopping. Now, while a lot of online bingo players may also be big on shopping, wouldn’t a theme like this make them want to get off of the computer and hit up the local shopping mall instead? The whole point of an online bingo site should be to make the players want to stay on it and play bingo for as long as possible, not send them out on a shopping spree.

Many of the online casinos and poker sites have very professional and straight forward designs which cater to many different individuals. But online bingo sites aren’t afraid to stand out in a crowd. In fact, they step all over the crowd and really put themselves out there with their sparkles and strange animations. Some of the online bingo sites aren’t afraid of confusing their players with a lot of mixed matched content. Maybe this is due to the fact that online bingo players are far more intelligent than any other online players. The bingo sites know they can push the envelope and their players won’t miss a beat.

If you have been thinking about joining an online bingo site then you will want to make sure that you get yourself a good pair of shades and don’t have your blinds open while you pull them up. You won’t want the neighbors to call you up and complain about all of the bright colors shining into their home and making it hard for them to relax! Or try out one of our personal favourites Wink Bingo, who made this funny commercial several years back.

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