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July 19th, 2012 by Kim Walters

Bingo players like to know they are bringing a little extra luck to their games when they sit in front of those bingo cards. This is why the use of lucky charms has become so popular with bingo players far and wide. In fact, there have been scenes in many movies which make fun of bingo players and the different types of charms they tend to bring with them when they play. Each player will have their own reason for choosing the lucky charm they bring and some of the reasons can be pretty strange.

Here are some of the different lucky charms which have been known to be used by some bingo players:

Lucky Bingo TrollTroll Dolls: There are many players that bring little troll dolls with them. They think these dolls will help them to win. However, many people continue to bring their freaky little dolls with them long after they don’t see any wins. While those players may think this doll will bring them luck, other players just think they are ugly. If anything these weird little troll dolls do a good job of distracting the other players, this can actually lead to a win once in awhile since others may be too freaked out by the little guy staring at them and miss a number which is called out. However, luck has nothing to do with it, it’s more like mind control.

Rabbits Foot: Some bingo players still believe in the good ol’ rabbit’s foot. However, how lucky can a rabbit’s foot be? It didn’t end up being so lucky for the rabbit so why would it work for anyone else? A rabbit’s foot just has an evil look to it. However, some people think they are cute. These same people would probably think a chicken liver were cute too if it had fur wrapped around it. The point is that a rabbit’s foot probably brings as much luck as a bird’s beak would.

Bingo Keychain for good luckKeychain: Believe it or not, a lot of bingo players like to think that their keychain holds the power to help them win. Many others would ask what it is that leads a player to choose one of their key chains over the other. What is it about that one keychain which makes it any luckier than all of the other key chains they may own? Maybe that one key chain has a lucky color. Maybe it is the advertisement on it, the person that gave the bingo player the key chain, or the design it has to it. business listings Whatever the reason, the point stands that many players have lucky key chains and many others will wonder why.

Picture: There are also a lot of bingo players that bring pictures of their loved ones with them to play bingo. These players are sure that the picture of their loved one will be the key to helping them to win those games. Each person will have their reason for choosing the loved one they do with regards to the picture they bring. Maybe that loved one is someone they are the closest with, maybe it’s a picture of their child, spouse, parent, pr even a friend. Could you imagine being that person in the lucky picture and all of the pressure that would place on you? Imagine being blamed for a lost game because your picture didn’t work!

Coin: Some bingo players take a special coin with them to all of the bingo games they go to. They feel that having this one lucky coin with them will help them to win. However, wouldn’t it seem luckier to buy something with that coin after it doesn’t work the first time? At least that way the bingo player would have something worth while, even if it is just a stick of gum.

When a person is choosing a lucky charm there will be many choices available to them. Some players like to go with something which holds some kind of sentimental value to them. Other players may go with an object that they think “looks” lucky. Others may go out and purchase something that they have heard is lucky. No matter what reason a bingo player has for choosing the charm they have, each player will put a lot of value into that item. The weird thing is that players will continue trusting in that item long after it has proven not to work.

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