Indian Bingo Chips

19th July 2012 by Jim Griffin

If you’re from India and looking to play bingo online, you can seriously do so in Indian Rupee (INR) at You can also bet cricket here in INR as well. This article is however not so much about playing bingo online from India but laughing at a new meaning for the term “bingo chips”.

You see, while Indians caught on to many great games such as rummy, horse racing and cricket, Bingo is one that hasn’t caught on nearly as well. Now this doesn’t mean bingo isn’t popular in India. In fact some of the best humour in their country comes from a bingo brand, though this one a food product. I now present the 5 best videos on Indian Bingo Chips.

#5 Stop Drinking Ketchup

This might sound gross to most westerners, but Ketchup flavoured chips are quite popular around Asia. In South East Asia you’ll even find a brand from Lays called Italian Spaghetti flavor, but in India it’s just plain ketchup bingo chips:

#4 How Indian Bingo Chips are Tested

The company that manufactures Bingo chips in India is ITC Limited. This commercial shows they take their product testing quite serious.

#3 Bingo Chips Divert a Robbery

Can’t eat someone’s chips and then do them wrong?

#2 Throw it Away and Open the Bingo Chips

This ad speaks for itself and once again is about Ketchup flavoured bingo chips:

#1 The History of Bingo Chips in India

Taking you back to beginning this longer video shows how this brand became popular in India.

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The Life of an Online Bingo Player

19th July 2012 by Kim Walters

Boring Bingo YawnThe life of an online bingo player is one which is filled with much joy and glee. It is a fun life that consists of playing a great game anytime they want and having the chance to win money while they are at it. However, there is some work that goes into living the life of an online bingo player. First, an online bingo player will have little time to do anything else if they are very committed. They better plan on taking advantage of as many opportunities as possible since they won’t be working at their full time job. Some online bingo players are able to continue with their part time jobs, but full time are generally not doable for serious online bingo players.

The life of an online bingo player may look like a lonely one. This is due to the fact that they generally stop most communications with their friends and family. However, an online bingo player really does enjoy a lot of communication with others. In fact, they get to chat with other people located all around the world. Family members and friends may think an online bingo player is locking themselves away from the rest of the world. However, the truth is they are learning a lot about the world and enjoying much great conversation.

real money bingoAn online bingo player will generally be someone that likes to take small risks. Those that are huge risk takers generally find that online bingo doesn’t offer them quite the amount of an adrenaline rush as they may desire. However, those that like to take smaller risks will find that online bingo gives them just the amount of risk they want to enjoy. These online bingo players will generally make use of all of bingo bonuses they can, because they aren’t the biggest risk takers in the world, so they still want to do what they can to minimize some of the risks they take. This is just why the big time online bingo players know just where to go for the best bonuses.

An online bingo player that spends much of their time at the online bingo sites will usually be in a good mood most of the time. However, if they have a bad day with online bingo, then they can appear to be a little moody. However, an online bingo player will never admit to another person why they are in a bad mood. They feel that it would be embarrassing to admit that bingo has them a little down in the dumps. Instead, they may make up reasons for why they are in a bad mood. They may even accuse someone of doing something to put them in a bad mood. While this is not fair, it is a part of living the life of an online bingo player.

An online bingo player will usually be a person who isn’t extremely active. They like to spend life being a little bit more relaxed. They find that playing online bingo gives them the chance to play an exciting game which doesn’t require them to move around too much. The life of an online bingo player is a very kick back life filled with great games and plenty of good chats. If an online bingo player is single, then their life may also be filled with plenty of online bingo chat flirting as well. Sometimes married online bingo players will also enjoy the convenience of flirting in the online bingo chats, but they shouldn’t.

Plus, the life of an online bingo player can be full of great prizes. A lot of people may not know how the bingo player in their life keeps coming up with great electronics, free tickets, extra cash, and trips for two. A lot of online bingo players won’t admit to where these prizes are coming from for fear it will create more competition for them.

The life of an online bingo player is also a very quiet life. Online bingo players tend to not like a lot of commotion. They like to sit at home and enjoy quiet bingo games in which they can win some extra money and other prizes. This is one reason why a lot of online bingo players live alone. They like the quiet and serenity that living alone provides them with.

If you are wondering what the life of an online bingo player is like, the truth is it can be different for every player, but they generally have a lot of the above described things in common. Generally speaking the life of an online bingo player has its ups and downs, but the downs are never that bad and the ups may not be as high of an up as some may like. Still the same, online bingo players love their bingo!

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Top 5 Bingo Videos

19th July 2012 by Jim Griffin

Bingo is one of the most popular games on the planet. There are bingo clubs all over the UK. Some of the top bingo sites payout multiple jackpots per second. It’s even played in third world countries for money that amounts to pennies. Despite being so popular, there’s a huge shortage of bingo humour. If you spot a funny bingo video, or a joke worth sharing, please contact us so we can share. Having scoured the web, here’s our first edition of the top 5 bingo videos:

#5 From Love to Bingo in 837 Images

This is a well-produced video worth sharing, though not exactly for humour. This video does however cover one of bingo’s popular stereotypes “it’s an old folks game”.

#4 Friend’s Mom Playing Bingo

An American Mom enjoying her live bingo, whilst a cruel friend of her teenage daughter records it for our viewing pleasure. Better camera, sound quality and a bit shorter this could have been a YouTube classic.

#3 Indian Bingo Caller

Indian Bingo Caller is a video that for sure could have been longer. Still a hilarious 17-second clip from the always funny comedian Omid Djalili:

#2 Family Guy Bingo

Albert Einstein is often quoted as saying the only way to win at roulette is to steal chips off the table when the dealer isn’t looking. Not a bad idea for beating bingo either:

#1 Everyone Wants to be an 888 Lady

One of the original commercials for 888Ladies, is still one of the funniest online. Bingo Online has long attempted to break the female bingo biased. Even though bingo is a largely a female market, how silly is it that every operator thinks its players are 8-year old girls that are fans of My Little Pony and Rainbow Brite? Kudos to! for poking fun at their own stereotypical bingo site.

If you spot funny Bingo humour worth sharing please contact us.

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How to Spot a Live Bingo Player

19th July 2012 by Kim Walters

Bingo players come from all walks of like and they can be any age, race, gender, or religion. Bingo players can be mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, or anyone else. Generally, it can be difficult to look at a person and tell what their favorite pastime is. Most people don’t walk around with a sign on their back that tells others how they like to spend their free time. However, when comparing live bingo vs online bingo, the former is one of those games that a lot of players really get into and these players can be very obvious about their bingo addiction, making it easy for just about anyone to spot them.

Bingo CharmsThe first thing to know about a bingo player is they tend to be very superstitious. They will be very into luck and lucky items. A real bingo player will have a certain item which they are sure will help them win. It doesn’t matter that they have lost every bingo game except one or two with that lucky item near their bingo cards, it is still lucky. One would think that a lucky item should be something which has proven to increase a persons chances of winning, but this is not so with bingo. If you see a person holding a figurine of a garden gnome in one hand and a rabbit’s foot in the other, then you may have stumbled upon a real life bingo player.

Bingo PlayerAnother thing to know about bingo players is they like to be very comfortable when they are playing bingo. You won’t see them running around in classy dresses and high heels. It would be way too uncomfortable to really get into the game wearing an outfit like this. Instead, a bingo player will be wearing sweats or mom jeans. They will also be in a T-shirt. Many of the bingo players don’t want their hair to get in the way of them keeping track of their bingo cards, so they generally have their hair pulled back in a pony tail, or they put it under a bandana or hair net. If you see someone dressed in this manner and carrying what can be described as a lucky item, then you may have stumbled upon a real life bingo player.

Bingo players tend to be very used to tuning out all of the noise around them. They have taught themselves to only hear the caller. This means they are good at ignoring all of the noise around them except for what it is they want to hear. So, if you see a person carrying an odd little item and dressed in a manner which has been described above, then try yelling out something to them. If they don’t hear you at all, no matter how loud you shout, you may be on to something. One way for you to really test them and see whether they are a real life bingo player, or just ignoring you is to yell out “B-3!!!.” If they suddenly turn around with big eyes and standing alert, then you may have stumbled upon a real life bingo player.

Ink Stain Bingo HandAnother thing to know about a bingo player is they will usually wear some of their bingo supplies on them. Meaning, you can always tell a true bingo player by paying attention to their hands. If you happen to see that a person has ink markings and smears on their hands, then this is a tell tale sign. Bingo players mark their cards with daubers. These are like markers, but they are shaped in a round shape and will daub the squares on the bingo cards as the combinations are called out by the caller. As the bingo player madly goes from square to square marking their numbers in a frantic as they are called, they will lay their hand across the fresh ink and end up wearing the evidence for the remainder of the day. So, if you run into someone that is carrying a lucky charm with them, dresses comfortably with their hair out of their face, has selective hearing, and has ink stains on their hands, then you may have stumbled upon a real life bingo player.

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Online Bingo Addiction

19th July 2012 by Kim Walters

Bingo AddictThere are many things people can become addicted to. However, some addictions aren’t quite as bad as others. One form of addiction which is mild in comparison to the others is an online bingo addiction. People that are related to a person with an online bingo addiction don’t have to deal with a lot of things other people have to deal with when they love someone with an addiction. However, an addiction to online bingo can still get to be a serious concern. Here are some of the warning signs to look for if you feel that you may have a loved one who is addicted to playing bingo online:

big eyesOne of the first things you will notice is your loved one will have eyes which appear to be much wider with regards to how open they are. They will have an almost startled look to them. This is due to the fact that they have been staring at the computer screen intently for hours at a time. Sometimes their eyes will even be bloodshot. The eyes can tell you a lot about a person and they definitely help you to spot a person with an online bingo addiction.

Fat Bingo HumourAnother thing you will notice about your loved one if they happen to be suffering an addiction to online bingo is they will either gain or loose weight. The reason for possible weight gain is due to the fact that many players addicted to online bingo will do all of their eating while sitting at the computer. This means they won’t be burning any calories other than the few it takes to click the mouse button. Others will loose weight due to the fact that they will have a hard time pulling themselves away from the computer for the few seconds it takes to even grab a bag of chips out of the cupboard.

funny-smileA person with an online bingo addiction will also be wearing a constant smile. You won’t be able to say anything to get them in a bad mood. The reason for the permanent smile is due to the fact that they know in just a few minutes they will be back at their favorite online bingo site playing the game they have come to love so much. A person with an online bingo addiction is someone that you will have a very hard time making angry. They are so happy with life because their life is filled full of online bingo fun!

too much bingoAnother thing you will want to look for if you think that your loved one may have an online bingo addiction is a flickering index finger. Someone addicted to online bingo can develop an inability to keep their index finger still. This is caused by their constant clicking on the mouse. You will notice that they will only have one finger twitching and it will be on the hand they use to control their computers mouse. This is an obvious sign that there may be a problem.

Players with an online bingo addiction may also perk up and get very excited when they hear a letter or a number being called out loud. If you go to the store with your loved one and someone yells out the number of an isle, pay attention to the look on your loved ones face. If they appear to drool and their eyes get glazed over at the sound of the isle number being called out, then there may be a problem. Also, a person with an online bingo addiction will absolutely love the word “before”. Every time this word is used in a sentence they may lose their composure. Some people like to tease a person with an online bingo addiction by randomly yelling out “BEFORE”! They think it’s funny to see the response the online bingo addict as they hear this word yelled out. However, many of the online bingo addicts don’t think this is very funny at all.

There aren’t many places that an online bingo addict can go for help. However, the good news is that online bingo is one of the more positive things an addict can be addicted to. Online bingo won’t cause a person physical harm. It can also be enjoyed for free and this means that players won’t find themselves going into debt over their addiction. If you have a loved one suffering from an online bingo addiction, the best thing you can do for them is to just listen if they want to talk about it.

Editor’s note: This post was made in our section on bingo humour, and is not at all meant to make light of problem gambling. If you feel you might have a gambling problem refer to

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How to Scare an Online Bingo Player

19th July 2012 by Kim Walters

Scary BingoSometimes you may feel like you want to have a little fun scaring one of your friends or family members. It can be very entertaining to scare someone and it can be very easy for you to do if that person happens to be an online bingo player. There are several ways you can go about scaring online bingo players that will be hilarious. You want to be sure that you have a video camera on standby so you can capture that moment forever. Here are some of the more creative and exciting ways that you can go about scaring the online bingo player in your life:

* One way you can scare an online bingo player is to find out the passwords to all of their online bingo accounts and change them. This can be a lot of fun. Imagine their surprise when they go to log into their account and they can’t. Better yet, they go to log into their other online bingo accounts and can’t get into any of them either! One thing you want to make sure to do is mark down the new passwords so you won’t end up getting in too much trouble! (Disclaimer: This is not an actual suggestion and should not be done or taken serious.)

* Another way you can go about scaring an online bingo player is to use a program to phony up a bingo news site which states several bingo networks have closed. This prank will work best if you are able to wake up the victim and show them the phony site before they have had a chance to drink a cup of coffee. You better be prepared to run once the victim finds out that this phony site is yours!

* If you really want to scare the online bingo player in your life, then you will want to make them think that they won’t have access to any online bingo sites. You can unplug their Internet connection. When they are wondering if it is unplugged, check and make sure it’s plugged in for them. Of course, you won’t be telling the truth. It would be best to pull this prank right before one of the online bingo tournaments they have been looking forward to. You shouldn’t take this prank too far and make them miss out on the tournament, that would be just plain cruel.

* One fun prank that can really get an online bingo player is to go into their room when they are sleeping and begin quietly saying letter and number combinations. When they start to wake up them stop and be silent. Once they go to sleep again begin calling out those letter and number combinations again. You want to do this a couple of times and then wait once again for them to fall all the way to sleep again. Once you are sure they have fallen into a deep sleep and then you can yell out “BINGO!!!” and watch them jump out of bed in excitement. You better be sure to have your best pair of running shoes on your feet when you do this one!

When you are thinking of ways to scare the online bingo player in your life, you need to keep their personality in mind. You won’t want to pull a prank on them which can lead them to suffer physical harm. Since some online bingo players are very into their game and may not be in the best of health, you really need to be sure you don’t give them more of a scare than they can handle.

One of the great things about online bingo players are they make themselves pretty easy targets. This is due to the fact that they get so into their game that messing with their bingo in and of itself is a cruel joke. However, if you are the type of person that likes to see someone squirm, then you can really have a ball playing many creative pranks on them.

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Bingo Good Luck Charms

19th July 2012 by Kim Walters

Bingo players like to know they are bringing a little extra luck to their games when they sit in front of those bingo cards. This is why the use of lucky charms has become so popular with bingo players far and wide. In fact, there have been scenes in many movies which make fun of bingo players and the different types of charms they tend to bring with them when they play. Each player will have their own reason for choosing the lucky charm they bring and some of the reasons can be pretty strange.

Here are some of the different lucky charms which have been known to be used by some bingo players:

Lucky Bingo TrollTroll Dolls: There are many players that bring little troll dolls with them. They think these dolls will help them to win. However, many people continue to bring their freaky little dolls with them long after they don’t see any wins. While those players may think this doll will bring them luck, other players just think they are ugly. If anything these weird little troll dolls do a good job of distracting the other players, this can actually lead to a win once in awhile since others may be too freaked out by the little guy staring at them and miss a number which is called out. However, luck has nothing to do with it, it’s more like mind control.

Rabbits Foot: Some bingo players still believe in the good ol’ rabbit’s foot. However, how lucky can a rabbit’s foot be? It didn’t end up being so lucky for the rabbit so why would it work for anyone else? A rabbit’s foot just has an evil look to it. However, some people think they are cute. These same people would probably think a chicken liver were cute too if it had fur wrapped around it. The point is that a rabbit’s foot probably brings as much luck as a bird’s beak would.

Bingo Keychain for good luckKeychain: Believe it or not, a lot of bingo players like to think that their keychain holds the power to help them win. Many others would ask what it is that leads a player to choose one of their key chains over the other. What is it about that one keychain which makes it any luckier than all of the other key chains they may own? Maybe that one key chain has a lucky color. Maybe it is the advertisement on it, the person that gave the bingo player the key chain, or the design it has to it. business listings Whatever the reason, the point stands that many players have lucky key chains and many others will wonder why.

Picture: There are also a lot of bingo players that bring pictures of their loved ones with them to play bingo. These players are sure that the picture of their loved one will be the key to helping them to win those games. Each person will have their reason for choosing the loved one they do with regards to the picture they bring. Maybe that loved one is someone they are the closest with, maybe it’s a picture of their child, spouse, parent, pr even a friend. Could you imagine being that person in the lucky picture and all of the pressure that would place on you? Imagine being blamed for a lost game because your picture didn’t work!

Coin: Some bingo players take a special coin with them to all of the bingo games they go to. They feel that having this one lucky coin with them will help them to win. However, wouldn’t it seem luckier to buy something with that coin after it doesn’t work the first time? At least that way the bingo player would have something worth while, even if it is just a stick of gum.

When a person is choosing a lucky charm there will be many choices available to them. Some players like to go with something which holds some kind of sentimental value to them. Other players may go with an object that they think “looks” lucky. Others may go out and purchase something that they have heard is lucky. No matter what reason a bingo player has for choosing the charm they have, each player will put a lot of value into that item. The weird thing is that players will continue trusting in that item long after it has proven not to work.

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