Bingo Games

If you’re new to playing bingo on the net, I suggest reading our Beginner’s Guide to Online Bingo. If you’re familiar with the basics, and just want to learn the games, this is what is covered in this article.

The most important difference between online bingo vs live bingo is the former offers many different types of bingo games. American bingo players are more familiar with 75 ball bingo, European players with 90 ball bingo, but online bingo offers both of these formats and many more.

Here are the most commonly found online bingo games.

Speed Bingo

Most popular in Northern Europe (before the advent of online bingo made them popular worldwide), Speed Bingo games use just 30 balls. Speed Bingo cards have only nine spaces and the game is played on a card that is 3×3. Speed Bingo gets its name from the fast pace of the game.

Combination Bingo

Any bingo game that combines many different bingo variations into one game is known as “Combination Bingo.” Often, a 90 ball bingo card will have a few different games played on it, such as Four Corners, Diamond, Cross, and Winner’s Circle. Multiple jackpots are paid out.

Cover All

Like the name says, Cover All rewards the first player to cover all the spots on their bingo card. Unlike other forms of bingo, Cover All doesn’t reward playing multiple tickets, since there will be only one winner based on the order of the numbers called out.

Because Cover All takes longer to play, the prize is larger than most other bingo games. But there’s an important wrinkle in the bingo rules of Cover All bingo–to win the jackpot, you have to cover all the numbers on your card before the 41st ball is drawn. After the 41st number is called, the jackpot starts to shrink.


This is traditional bingo the way most people remember it. In Regular bingo there are three ways to win a bingo jackpot. The first bingo player to form either a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line is the winner. Remember that any one of these three rows earns you the jackpot. Multiple ways of winning this bingo game means a much smaller cash prize than other bingo varieties.

Four Corners

Four Corners bingo is a popular bingo hall variation that’s become popular online as well. The winner of Four Corners is the first bingo player to cover their bingo card’s four corners–that’s the B1, B5, O1, and O5 positions. Four Corners is most often played as a 75 ball bingo game, but can be played with any ball count, and is especially popular with Speed bingo (a 30 ball bingo game) as part of a larger combination speed bingo game.


Diamond is a popular online bingo form, especially when played as part of a combination with Four Corners. Two diamond shape bingo games exist–a six-number diamond taking up spots B3, I2, I4, N1, N5, and O3 and a smaller diamond pattern composed of four numbers: B3, N1, N5, and O3. Notice that both shapes are diamonds, but one is much easier to win. Four number diamond prizes are naturally much smaller than six number diamonds.

Winner’s Circle

A longer bingo variant, Winner’s Circle rewards the first bingo player to cover all the numbers in rows B and O as well as the first and last numbers in rows I, N, and G. Winner’s Circle is sometimes the final game in a combination bingo set, offering a larger jackpot than the other, shorter combination games.


Popular at church bingo games for obvious reasons, Cross pays out a jackpot to the first bingo player to cover all the spots in row N as well as the spots in rows B3, I3, G3, and O3. The cross shape of the winning card gives the game its name.

Free Bingo Games

Now that you know the games played, you are now ready to play! If you’d like to practice you can play our free bingo game, or can register with free bingo sites that pay real money jackpots. If you’re ready to jump right into real money play consider our favourite bingo site