Bingo Chat

In bingo halls, talking during games is generally forbidden. This is because some players have trouble hearing the bingo caller and if you and your neighbor are carrying on a conversation, hearing the caller is that much harder.

In online bingo, chat is encouraged. There’s no bingo caller to “hear,” and no reason not to chat away since it doesn’t distract from the call. Using online bingo chat features turns online bingo into a social event, and makes the game of bingo more friendly.

Chat is used to by bingo sites to encourage player retention and loyalty. Most all online bingo sites now offer chat games hosted by staff called chat managers, or CM for short. One of the best sites to check out for chat games is

In addition to bonuses and promotions, online bingo chat lets you talk one on one with another player or chime in to the group conversation. But as with any group event and just like there are bingo game rules, there are some rules of chat etiquette to live by when you’re playing bingo online.

Bingo Chat Etiquette

Be Friendly–This means greeting new players, returning other player’s salutations, and just generally being a pleasant person. Using dirty words in the public chats is frowned upon just because it tends to offend other players.

No “Shouting”–Typing everything in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is known as “shouting” online. It’s okay to capitalize some words to add emphasis, but turning on your Caps Lock and shouting everything you say is just rude and distracting.

Don’t Be a Grammar Nazi–Since online bingo is available to people all over the world, don’t judge other people’s spelling or word order. Everyone makes mistakes, and acting like a Grammar Nazi will make less people want to talk to you.

Online Bingo Chat Slang

Bingo chat rooms have their own slang, most of it borrowed from regular online chat slang. Abbreviations like “AFK” (away from keyboard) and “BRB” (be right back) are common, but so are some unique bingo slang words. Knowing these before you jump into bingo chat can save you lots of frustration.

GG / GF / GJ: Good Game, Good Fight, and Good Job are ways of letting another player hear your support. If another player just barely beat you to a jackpot, saying “GF” is a way of giving them respect, and also letting them know that you were right at their heels.

BLNG: Better Luck Next Game

CA: Cover All

SAC: Saying that you’ve got SAC means you have been dealt “Sorry Ass Cards.” A way to express frustration at losing.

1TG / 2TG / 3TG: This is how many numbers you have left before you win a jackpot. For example, if you have one number left to go, you’d say “1TG.”

BOGOF: Buy One Get One Free

F2P: Free to play

P2P: Pay to play

Bingo slang comes and goes like any trend, and different bingo site chat rooms have their own unique language. The best way to learn bingo slang is to participate in chat rooms and over time you’ll recognize bingo chat slang without having to think about it.