Company Details was first registered in March 1999 but it wasn’t until more than a decade later we launched as a serious guide to online bingo. Whilst we are owned by a private company with vast experience marketing legal online gambling to the United Kingdom (UK) and other markets, this website functions much differently than our others.

Bingo Online Corporate Strategy

There are four core elements to the unique strategy Bingo Online was developed under:

  1. Reputable and Regulated Bingo Sites: our management team prepared for development by conducting in-depth researched on popular internet bingo rooms. This was to become familiar with bingo networks, bingo software, other features and more importantly to discover which bingo sites are the most reputable. Our goal was, is, and always will be, to only recommend well regulated and honest internet bingo rooms.
  2. Industry Experts: With a rough plan assembled we then hired industry experts to research, create and publish, what in our view is, the best bingo content on the web. The most unique part about this process is we gave our staff full control over the content they produced. For examples, pages best bingo bonus and most generous bingo site were written by staff that had no financial interest in selecting the bingo rooms they awarded these titles to. This strategy greatly reduces the affiliate bias that most gambling portals are guilty of.
  3. Full Disclosure: Our goal is to be the most honest bingo portal on the web. One of the ways we work towards accomplishing this is full disclosure. There are 20-some references throughout our pages informing players we use affiliate links and might earn a commission should they choose to join a bingo room after clicking one of these external links. This is important because, whilst our recommendations are sincere and we try to avoid bias, we feel warning players about the financial interest helps keep everything on the up and up.
  4. Fun and Entertainment: Finally, it was important that our website isn’t purely information based. While we have plenty of that, we also have fun satire articles in our bingo humour section and also offer a free bingo game with a leaderboard for high scores and other features. We want visitors to relax and have fun between reading serious bingo topics.

Reputable and Regulated Bingo Sites

Conducting our research began with using the Google Online Bingo Trends to determine how many exact match searches each bingo site we could find the name of receives. We then formulated a list of the 55 most popular bingo sites and began researching where they were licensed and regulated, and which auditing companies they used. In the end we had a list of 28 bingo sites licensed in UK white listed jurisdiction to work with.

In case you’re not aware, the UK Gambling Commission is one of the industry’s most reputable gaming regulators. However, for reason the UK has a high corporate tax rate not too many gambling sites actually operate here. As a service to their residents, the UK created a white list of gaming jurisdictions. Having a gambling licence by one of these jurisdictions allows the bingo sites to advertise and service UK players. Most of the websites we at Bingo Online promote are Gibraltar licensed bingo sites or Alderney licensed bingo sites, which are the top two UK white listed jurisdictions.

Finally, it was a matter of dropping several remaining sites on the lower end of popularity off the list, and doing deeper analysis on ones that remained to get the fifteen total bingo sites our website now recommends. We continue to monitor these sites for complaints, compliance and regulatory issues, and are very confident we only recommend reputable bingo rooms.

Key Bingo Online Staff Author Tom EavesAuthor Tom Eaves – Tom Eaves, also known on forums as SuffolkPoker, is widely considered the industry’s top bingo expert. He’s based in Norfolk, England (UK) in the city Harleston. When management contacted him with lucrative offer to work for our website, he was initially hesitant as he was developing his own websites. After much discussion and negotiation he became quite sold on our plan. Many of our best bingo articles were written by Tom such as how bingo sites make money, and practically all the reviews linked to from our bingo sites page.

Author Kim Walters – Kim Walters works as a freelance content provider in other niches, but is a huge fan of online bingo. She made great contributions to our beginner’s guide to bingo sites, and wrote several articles for our humour section. Although she’s an American where bingo is a different market, it is very clear reading her articles that she knows and is passionate about her bingo play. Chief Editor Jim GriffinChief Editor Jim Griffin – Jim Griffin, better known in the industry by his nickname Prop, is one of the most sought after gambling consultants. What’s unique about Jim is he was practically born into the gambling industry. He currently resides in South East Asia, but has worked remotely for some of the UK’s top gambling brands since the advent of online gambling. His roll with Bingo Online is Chief Editor. He makes sure all content published here is accurate, and is always adding interesting facts to the content written by our authors.

Other Bingo Online staff and contributors include Jennifer Hedges (UK), Shannon Heath (UK), Marion Gomez (Spain) and Diane Musacchio (Gibraltar). All members of our staff are enthusiastic about online bingo and it shouldn’t be difficult to notice this as reading our bingo content.